Read my letter to San Dieguito Voters.

I am running for the San Dieguito School Board because the District’s liberal Democratic Board majority has:

  1. failed to produce a long range strategic plan for the district;

  2. approved a disastrous teacher’s agreement in 2015 that resulted in:

    1. a large retroactive raise for teachers,

    2. the largest two year increase for teachers in San Diego County,

    3. was not tied to teacher performance,

    4. results in an increase in per student per classroom on average up to 32 students with the potential up to 60,

    5. includes a clause that raises teacher salaries automatically wherever another San Diego County high school district’s salaries are raised.

  3. approved a budget that decreases the Districts reserves from 20% down to under 6%, reduces the teacher supply budgets by over $2 million and produces a deficit after a few years;

  4. acted as a rubber stamp to teacher unions demands and in their combined 18 years of experience has never questioned a teacher union request;

  5. mistreats the Board minority by cutting them off from questioning teachers unions, permits their teacher union allies to picket and protest in an undemocratic fashion the two current Board minority members even when they are not up for election and unfairly permits teachers and administrators to place campaign signs for the Board majority members in their cars on public school property during working hours.

I am also running because I believe that the current Board majority lacks:

  1. a fiscally responsible person who have had to run a business and had to consistently review financial budgets, projections ad the like;

  2. a former scholar athlete and Rhodes Scholar who will put the needs of the Districts students, parents, athletes and artists ahead of its employees;

  3. a lawyer who has the understanding of state and federal governmental regulations and who can read, review and negotiate important board contracts;

  4. an independent person with integrity who understands corporate and educational governance, Roberts Rules of Order and the proper functioning of Board meetings; and

  5. an educator, father and mentor who will listen to our District’s students, families and future employers to provide quality educational programs that will lead to the full development of every student and will help them move on to higher education and to successful careers.

I also support Senator Mark Wyland’s platform for his campaign for County Board of Education.

Additional resources:

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